History of telecommunications - from talking drums to modern fibre optic technology

Only this first welcome page is written in English. The following pages are in German only at this stage.

The Telephone Museum in Islikon / TG offers best entertainment for young and old as here many things still work

as they used to. Since the opening on 18 February 1995, we have welcomed over 40,000 visitors.

"At the Telephone Museum Telephonica you can experience telegraph and telephone technology in action. A call is transferred manually, the bell of an old telephone rings - and you are transported to another era of telecommunication!"

Dr. phil. Juri Jaquemet

Information and communication technology collection curator

Museum of communication Bern


"Greuterhof", Hauptstrasse 15, CH 8546 Islikon/TG, near Frauenfeld (map).

Opening Hours:

The museum is open to the public on Sundays from 2-5pm, except in July and August & on public holidays.

Entry Prices:

Adults, from 16 years                   CHF 8.--

Children                                          CHF 4.--

Members                                        free


Guided Tours (1-1.5 hrs):            CHF 180.-    (up to 16 people per group)

Guided tours (also in English) can be booked via

info@telephonica.ch or tel. +41 52 375 27 27  / Monday - friday 08.30 > 11.30 h

You will be informed immediately whether your desired date is available.

Office hours: Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri 10-12 & 2pm-6pm; Wed only 2pm-6pm

A selection from 34 thematic museum islands

Many exhibits are displayed for hands-on use and are not  just placed behind glass in cabinets.

With the expert guidance of a museum guide, you can see for yourself how original appliances were used in the olden days.


Diving Telephone


Tel. Answering Machine

Mobile Telephony

Exotic Phones

Telephone Exchanges

Emergency Phones

Telex / Teleprinters

Pay Phones

Fibre Optic Technology

Fax & Picture Telephones

Our motto is: Do not just look but touch and experience!

Here is the biggest telephone replica

Hundreds of hours of work have gone into this faithful reproduction of the "Ericsson 1892" table phone.

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